I am called Valkyrie. A friend of mine gave this name to me as a gift; I strive to be worthy of it. I am of the Clan Tzimisce, and I am a member of the Pack called the Eumenides. I am a soldier and a bodyguard; I ward the person of my Pack's Priestess, my Liege Mirya Jade-Decameron, and will continue to do so until I have fulfilled seventeen years of service to her.

I am a member of the Sabbat. What your view of the Sabbat is I do not know; you may believe that the Sabbat consists solely of ravenous monsters bent on Diablerie and the destruction of all that is decent, or you may believe that the Sabbat is the sacred instrument of Caine and that it is the salvation of vampirekind, or anything in between.  Truth to tell, what you may believe does not really worry me; you are entitled to your belief. But it is _my_ belief that the Sabbat is simply a vampire culture, no more inherently good or evil than any other culture -- all good or evil it may contain is embodied only, and _only_, in the vampires that it is made of.

That being said, I support the Sabbat. I am sworn to serve my Liege, and she serves the Sabbat. I may not approve of all I see in the Sabbat; I strive to support that which I think is good and speak out against that which I think is ill. This is who I am.  Both friends, enemies and sometimes-allies of mine post to the
newsgroup; some of the posters have at times been all three. Of all of these, the most important to me is my Liege, Mirya Jade-Decameron, priestess of the Eumenides. I honour her and respect her and would give my life to protect her -- even though she at times drives me to distraction with her stubborn pride and her obsessive curiosity.  Frankly, if you have ever performed bodyguarding duty, you will likely easily understand why I find these traits of hers so frustrating at times.

Other posters of note that are important to me are Radziwicz Scherzeneschu of the Old Clan, J'Zikal Aur of the Walking Shadows, Irina Zantovich-Bathory of Clan Tremere, Bryce Calhoun, Ductus of Hunters of Darkness, and Istvan Batory of Clan Tzimisce. Should you desire to know more of me, you would do well to learn more of _them_, for my relationship with them has shaped me and helped turn me into what I am today.

Valkyrie Aegis-Pallida

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