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Thorn of Clan Brujah is a quite recently Embraced vampire, brought into the ranks of the undead only a few months before the end of the old millennium. She is to outward appearances a thin black woman in her late teens and stands only a handful of inches above five feet; she usually wears jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt and either a denim or a leather jacket. By choice, her t-shirt will usually sport a motto like, 'I am _not_ PMS'ing, I'm like this all the time' or 'Your village called, their idiot is missing'.

Thorn is like all Brujah subject to a ferocious temper; she fights hard to control it and a good deal of the time she even succeeds. In spite of her youth, she views the world with a healthy dollop of scepticism and caution she picked up from spending most of her mortal teenage years on the streets. Like many of her Clan-Kin, she is highly suspicious of anyone claiming authority for themselves.

Of the people on the newsgroup, Thorn seems to particularly prefer the company of Alexandros, Istvan of Clan Tzimisce and Tasia. She also seems to hold some liking for several others, most notably including Simon Ravenwood of London, Thayer of Clan Gangrel, Tatum and the Buzzard. On the other hand, she has yet to show any liking for Nick Barton at all though she often describes him graphically, usually employing four-letter words.

Recently, Thorn participated in an attempt to rescue Alexandros' Packmate and Istvan's adopted daughter Iona from kidnappers. The attempt seemingly failed, and from all reports Thorn was severely injured during it. Rumours claim that she Diablerised one of the abductors and suffered mental damage from doing so, though this has yet to be publicly confirmed.

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