I am not one to indulge in confidences or heart-to-hearts. There are few people I wish to know that much about, and confidences must run both ways lest it de-volve into genteel blackmail. This is my 'public' life, which you may examine and comment on at your lesiure.

Invasions of my privacy will be dealt with as they justly deserve.

I am Tzimisce, and Sabbat. Those two things define me far better than any other. Nearly a quarter century ago, my Sire discovered me and began the process that would turn me from paranormal investigator, wife, and mother into one of the Undead. At the time, I lived in Boston, Mass., with my husband, Jamie. Unknown to us, the Sabbat and the Camarilla were engaged in a brutal war for control of the city. Wars have casualties, and I was one such.

Looking back, I wonder at the grief I felt for the life taken from me. Have I truly been 'robbed?' Had I lived, I would now be an aging psychiatrist with children to raise, a married life with more secrets than trust, and little more. Provided of course, that I was not killed by random violence, stalked by one of my patients, or expired due to some flaw in my genetic structure.

As a Vampire, I have spoken with the spirits of the dead. I have summoned winds, rain, and fog. I have walked the misty shores of dreams. Blending magic and science, I have elevated a mammal species from its base beginnings. I have become aware of the vast numbers of mysteries in this world, learned of other worlds, all of with secrets of their own.

Why grieve, when such wonders exist?

My course has altered somewhat. My former pack, Rodin's Nightmares, was slaughtered by an alleged Shadow Crusader. My Paladin, Valkyrie Aegis-Pallida, and myself were the sole survivors. We have pledged to take this fight to the so-called Crusaders. They are not the only ones who know the power of darkness and fear. After all, I was Created as a Nightmare.

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