My birth name happens to be none of your damn business.

Periklis gave me the name 'Jesstyn,' I think he made it up on the spot. He said it meant something like 'wise flower,' which tells you how badly he overestimated me. Other people have other names for me, depending on when, where, and how I met them. The Tremere say a name is power. A Toreador says a name is a measure of status, a Ventrue will tell you a name is a legacy. A Nosferatu will say a name is a key, the Gangrel claim a name is a mark of accomplishment. The Malkavians just laugh.

My names are all markers along the road of my life. I have been daughter, childe, student, teacher, prisoner, warrior, madwoman, dancer, leader, follower, victim, and victimizer. I am sister, wife, Sire, Regnant, and renegade. I have a name for every turn on that road. There's no 'getting to know me,' for I have changed and will change again. It's the only way I know through this life.

You could try to define me by the company I keep, but that's a confusing message in and of itself. My consort is a Sabbat bishop, the sister of my heart is a Toreador anti-tribu. My grand-Sire is a Brujah Elder (read: fathead Idealist Ventrue wanna-be-but-can't), my Sire should be on the Red List but isn't...

What's in a name? You tell me.

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