I was embraced in a small Nazi death camp in early 1943, I do not know the exact date, I had lost track of such things in the months before.  My sire was a member of my family from generations before, from a line of family members who had joined with the Sabbat at the time of the revolt.  When it was my time to go to the gas chamber I went freely and smiled as they tried to kill my already dead body with poisonous gas.  When they entered to investigate, my sire and I killed them by exhaling their own gasses, held in our dead lungs back in their faces.  Then we killed the rest of the Nazi guards.  The German records of the camp that went dead were struck from the records.

Before I went to the camp I was known amongst my Rroma kinsmen as a historian and archaeologist.  I studied the items and texts of the cultures and peoples of long ago.  I was also well versed in "The Sight."  It is that ability that warranted my embrace, and so long as the blood of my people courses through my dead heart I can reconnect with my birthright.  That is the blessing of we Ravnos phralmulo.

Now I turn my studies to those of vampiric pasts.  I have studied under some of the most renown scholars of the Sabbat.  But now I follow my own path, and that of the Walking Shadows, my pack.

Alexandros Phuri-Dae

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