Opening Transmission...Password Verified
Checking Registry...Complete
Tremere Cloaking Device Active...

>I guess you found the homepage.  That
>means that you're a vampire.  Yeah I know that the heading says that this
>is a games newsgroup but that is just a cover.  The Warlocks whipped
>something up that prevents the kine from accessing this server.
>I don't know if you're new to the blood or not but that doesn't make a
>damn bit of difference here.  Your physical power can't help you in this
>world of 1's and 0's (binary for you old guys), only the sharp of tongue
>and wit thrive here.
>Well, that's all from me.  Look around, make yourself at home in this
>digital paradise, or purgatory, or whatever you make of it.  Remember that
>all that we can know of you are your words.

Awaiting Command_